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OCUKIDS: EP1 Start “Lily’s Disney Surprise”

First episode of OCUKIDS, you may remember British Kids React? Well this is better and interactive, so click the annotations [or links in the videos description], they will open the next video in the same window [except for links in the descriptions of course].

At the End of each video, an annotation will take you to the next video in the episode, for example, From the Reaction video, to the Questions video etc

Thanks For Watching and Subscribe! if you can wait to see the other episodes, I’ll be posting them as I can, been off Tumblr for months, want to give it another try :)

Thanks for Watching!

P.s. Don’t forget to have annotations turned on the YouTube Player by clicking “Show Annotations” Or Click the “Watch On YouTube” Icon, it’s less Messy that way!

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